Prototype development laboratory

Multi-material 3D printer

Objet500 Connex3

Polyjet™ Connex3 Technology allows parallel application of different materials.

Net build size (X x Y x Z): 490 x 390 x 200 mm

Layer thickness (Z-axis): down to 16-micron

Build resolution:

X-axis:   600dpi

Y-Axis:   600dpi

Z-Axis: 1600dpi


3d_printer_2.jpg 3d_printer_1.jpg

3D scanner

ATOS Compact Scan 5M

Modern 3D scanner working with ATOS Blue Light technology. We are able to perform fast scanning and measuring of your products, moulds, prototypes, moulded plastic parts, etc. We use contactless measuring method, therefore we can measure even soft materials like rubber without problems.

Resolution of CCD chip:

2 x 5 000 000

Measuring surface (mm2):

40x30 - 1200x900

Point density (mm):

0,01 - 0,48

Number of points measured in one stroke:

5 miliónů

scanner1.jpg scanner2.jpg

Free result viewer

For sharing of results from ATOS system, further data analysis and discussion among peers, suppliers and customers, leading to solution of potential problems and to efficient cooperation accelerating the decision-making process.

For further information on GOM Inspect software go zde.

3D Printer

Dimension SST 1200es Series

The Dimension SST (Soluble Support Technology) 3D printer is a device intended for quick production of solid and accurate prototype models. The soluble support technology allows manufacturing of models of very complicated shapes with cavities and very thin walls or of whole assemblies.

Max. size of modeling space: 253 x 253 x 305 mm

Layer thickness: 0,254 mm and 0,33 mm

Modeling material: ABS Plus plastic in standard ivory colour (other colours can be ordered upon accord).


3d_printer_3.jpg 3d_printer_4.jpg

Spraying chamber

P 18.26

The device tests articles against water penetration on IPX3 (“Protection against water sprinkling”) or IPX4 (“Protection against splashing water”) protection degrees.

Oscillation arm with radius:

R = 200 mm

R = 400 mm

R = 600 mm

Adjustable parameters:

Oscillation angle 0 ÷ ±180° from the vertical

Water flow through oscillation arm

Sample movement (rotational)

Test duration

Connection of tested article to electricity network 220V (switching option)


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