Advancement of the development centre

In course of the project a 3D multi-material printer of the fourth generation (Polyjet principle) in version for 3-component printing has been acquired. The term 3-component printing stands for simultaneous printing from three materials and their combinations that means printing of individual parts as well as of single one part from various materials. In the area of Rapid Prototyping this technology is unique worldwide. Thanks to implementation of the indicated technology the customers may be offered with better service as to material qualities of prototype parts and at the same time the laboratory will reach a significantly higher technology level.

Furthermore, a 3D scanner for contactless measurement and scanning has been acquired to be able to scan very diverse and complex subjects which cannot be measured by usual contact probes with precision level necessary for mechanical engineering, or which can be measured in limited way only and/or with a much more time consumption. Thanks to acquisition of the technology indicated above the efficiency and precision will be increased and last but not least the so called Reverse Engineering method may be implemented.

Expected contributions of the project:

  • Increased competitiveness
  • Supplement, expansion and improvement of quality of services provided by the development laboratory
  • Enlargement of the customer portfolio
  • Extension of the offer for customers in terms of quality materials for prototype parts
  • Within this project a worldwide unique technology will be installed in the CR.
  • Expansion of the technological equipment of the company
  • Support the innovation potential
  • Increase of performance and productivity
  • Increase of efficiency